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Vehicle Modification

Vehicle modifications take your car, truck, Jeep, or SUV from standard to customized. In addition to modification upgrades, we also offer full restoration and reconditioning for older—but still valued—vehicles. For the best result when it comes to vehicle modifications, no matter the degree, trust the experts.  


Lift / leveling kit installations

Lift and leveling kits are the easiest and most effective ways to put larger tires on your truck and gain ground clearance.

A lift kit lifts your entire truck, front and rear, starting from 1”. They come in two varieties: body lift kits and suspension lift kits. Body lift kits position the body higher onto the frame of the truck without altering the suspension geometry. Your ground clearance remains unchanged, but the extra height allows for larger wheels and tires. Suspension lifts allow for more suspension articulation, more ground clearance, the ability to run even larger tires, and more off-road capabilities.

Most trucks come with a degree of “rake” in the suspension, i.e. the rear end sits higher than the front to accommodate hauling heavy loads. With a suspension kit, the front end is raised up a few inches to eliminate that factory rake and bring the front and rear level. This can be done for looks or to add a small amount of ground clearance to the front of the truck and allow for larger tires.


Lowering kit installation

If faster steering response and a better feel of the road are what you’re after, a lowering kit installation is what you need. A lowering kit reduces your car's center of gravity, creating less air resistance on the chassis when turning. This, in turn, helps you hug those curves in the road just a little tighter.


Full restoration / reconditioning

We don’t just work with brand-new or almost-new cars, trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. We offer full restoration and reconditioning to vehicles with value, potential, and family history buried under years of rust and disuse. If you have the passion and desire to see a car restored to its former glory—or better—we have the know-how. Share your vision with our experts and you won’t be disappointed.

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