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Other Services

We offer a variety of other vehicle customization services.


Window tinting

Automotive window tinting is about more than just looking cool; it’s about feeling cool too. Window tinting provides interior heat reduction for greater comfort, hazardous glare reduction, privacy, safety, enhanced appearance, and 99% UV protection against fading of interior components like seats, carpet, wood trim, and dashboard.

Stripe kit installation

Stripe kits enhance the visual “vroom” of any sports vehicle. With our professional application, these premium grade vinyl kits are a great alternative to painted racing stripes.



Paint Correction

Paint correction is restoring and rejuvenating a vehicle’s paintwork through the elimination of surface imperfections using wet sanding, heavy compounding, touchups, powdercoat, and/or sandblasting. The result is an exterior paint job that is highly reflective with no swirl marks, scratches, or blemishes visible to the naked eye. This service can truly make a car look brand new.


The upholstery of your car sees a lot of wear and tear. But you don’t have to live with torn seats, damaged leather, or stained carpeting. We offer total interior upholstery repair, including leather interior upgrades and carpet and backing replacement. Upholstery care and repair can add miles and years to your car or truck’s interior



Wheel and tire upgrades

New wheels and tires offer a dual upgrade of looks and functionality. When upgrading your vehicle’s tires, we know you’re looking to achieve an optimum combination of grip, road feel, ride quality, noise control, and tire wear. With wheel upgrades, you have an array of metals and rim sizes to chose from. The good news for you is that we install them all.