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Restoration Services

If you're looking for a new ride, look no further than the older vehicle you already own, and look no further than the restoration experts at Ultimate Body. Restoration work is about more than just rejuvenating a vehicle’s good looks: it’s about revitalizing a vehicle with new life and value for years to come.


where we start

Our restorations start with a deep clean. This will help show us what needs the most attention for the restoration—what needs a complete replacement versus a repair.


Wax on. wax off. 

Touching up the paint and restoring the trim are two steps that can really turn around your vehicle’s appearance. Restoring headlight lenses enhances utility as well as adds to a vehicle’s renewed appearance. It’s a lot of buffing, but it's work we feel is well worth it.


for A smoother Ride

New tires boost operating safety and smooth handling. Our professional wheel repair work erases scuffs and dings, so your wheels’ shine matches your buffed and restored paint job.


Love what's on the inside

For the inside of the vehicle, everything from the dash to the seats can be restored, re-covered, or re-upholstered. It all depends on your current needs and if you would like to restore the original look of the vehicle or update it.