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Turn key Builds

Don’t let dealership add-on limitations and prices stop you from owning the car or truck of your dreams.

You’ve already looked and know that the SUV, truck, or Jeep that you want isn’t an “off the lot” vehicle. What you need is a design team to custom build it for you.

We are that team.

Our turn key design service is focused on high-end, detailed customization—inside and out. From heated seats, lift kits, and running boards to designer lights, wheels, and tires—we do it all. As the one-stop-shop for your custom design/build needs, we provide top-to-bottom service.

Our services are comprehensive, but our prices won’t clean out your wallet. With after-market customizations, we can offer better prices than dealerships, so you don’t have to decide what not to get on the truck, Jeep, or SUV of your dreams.

Sit down with us and we’ll deliver just what you’re looking for. Designed and built as desired.



Our team of custom build experts knows that the design process is a partnership. And we can help those who know the brands that they want as well as the customer who needs to learn about their options.



When you’re happy with the design, the build begins with the basic shell of your truck, Jeep, or SUV from the dealership. We work quickly for a fast turnaround so you can be driving your custom-designed vehicle as soon as possible.



We deliver vehicles designed and customized to enjoy the road. You—and everyone else—will know you’re looking at design quality. Are you ready to design and drive your dream truck, car, boat or SUV?