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Spray in bedliner

Give your truck protection from the elements, as well as anything else you can throw at it, with our Bullet spray in bedliner.

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spray in bedliner protects 

If you are looking for superior protection for your truck bed, Bullet spray in bed liner is the way to go. With unique chemical compounding it will help prevent rust, make cleaning easier, and enable your bed to last longer than your truck does.


more than just trucks

Ultimate Body has found that Bullet lines work amazingly for truck beds but it's also awesome for protecting off-road toys, upgrading trailers, and giving utility vehicles just a little bit more grit to get through the day.


Commercial and fleet applications

On a regular basis Ultimate Body gets asked to outfit a fleet of commercial vehicles with spray in bed liners. Our teams has years of experience working with commercial clients and can make the process smooth, cost efficient, and done right the first time.


Why bullet liner?

With over 30 years of ongoing improvement, Bullet Liner has rolled out many generations of innovation. The current (4th) generation uses an ACCELLA'S polyurethane system combined with a ceramic protecting agent to provide both the durability for off-road trucking, the utility of an ATV, and the protection required for marine applications.