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Bed Covers

A bed cover for your pick-up truck will help keep cargo dry and secure—everything from your summer camping gear to tools for work. They increase the utility of your truck bed and keep your truck looking sleek and professional.

We install a variety of bed covers and truck caps. What doesn’t change is our commitment to quality installation service.


Truck Caps

Truck caps allow for extra cargo capacity in your truck bed while offering security and weather-resistant features. Mid-rise caps offer additional room, enclosing 20% more space than cab-high caps. All caps are custom fit and highly functional, with optional features like sliding side windows and screens for easy access, front slider window, tinted glass, interior dome lighting, and more.



The hard tri-fold is the most waterproof tonneau on the market. It’s made of high-strength thermoplastic skin with a polypropylene core, which means it’s cool to the touch on hot, sunny days as well as dent proof. Features include integrated snap-on seals, polymer rubber corners, and hinge caps

The soft tri-fold is made of tear- and puncture-resistant fabric, allows for the same easy bed access, and comes with a life-time warranty.



This tonneau allows for quick and easy full-bed access. The vinyl fabric with leather grain offers an extra low-profile cover, even with bed caps, for a streamlined, sleek look. The trigger latch can be operated one-handed for even easier access and the factory tailgate lock offers peace of mind when it comes to your cargo’s security.

For soft roll ups, the sides are secured by industrial-strength Velcro that remains secure during travel, but allows for easy roll up in seconds. For hard roll ups, aluminum slats under the vinyl provide extra structure.



With a hinged design that acts and moves like a hood and is made of fiberglass or lightweight ABS composite, a one-piece hard tonneau offers the protection, security, and utility you’ve come to expect from a tonneau. Quick release struts allow for quick and easy removal. With no seams, these tonneaus give a very sleek, sculpted appearance.



Here at Ultimate Body, you don’t have to worry about which trucks we can service and install bed covers on—or any of the other accessory services we offer. We work on all makes and models. We even work on the classics, adding any products produced by the manufacturers.