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This is where it all started for us. With dedication and attention to detail, we quickly had the business of local dealerships. But we haven’t let it go to our heads—we still offer that same level of total car care service to you.


Interior Detailing  

You can have that same eye-catching sparkle in the interior of car as you can on the exterior. Our comprehensive interior detailing service includes: cleaning out door jams and trunk; vacuuming floor and upholstery; shampooing and steam cleaning floorboards and seats; cleaning dashboard, console areas, and all interior plastic, vinyl, and leather; and wiping down the inside of windows and mirrors. 


Exterior Detailing 

A professional exterior detailing from Ultimate Body can have your vehicle looking its best. Services include: a hand-washed exterior (including tar removal); clay bar; waxing; tire, rim, and wheel well cleaning; window cleaning (interior and exterior); and door jamb clean out.


Engine Detailing  

Car owners often spend lots of time and money maintaining and cleaning the exterior of their vehicles. But what about the engine? At Ultimate Body, we haven’t forgotten about this crucial piece of engineering. Our engine detailing service includes: removing debris caught in the hood, grille, and vent openings; degreasing the engine bay perimeter; cleaning all fluid containers and caps; and applying dressing and/or protectants where necessary.


Odor Removal 

With our professional car detailing reputation and history, odor removal is a cinch for us. New or residual odors, we eliminate them all: mold and mildew, spilled food and beverages, pet odor, cigarette smoke, car sickness, and more. Don’t let untreated odors ruin your drive. Come see us.